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Released October 29, 2009 for Rock Band
Wolfmother 01
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Genre: Rock
Album: Wolfmother (2005)

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Fun Shuffle, But Repetitive Karmeleaux
This guy, like most songs, has three main sections. Usually that can work out great for a two and a half minute song, but this is apparently too fast for that to work.

The verse rhythm is rooted on orange with hammering-on up from red every now and then. It's pretty fun and is interrupted every forth time for two sustains to keep it from wearing on you as quickly.

The chorus is largely a shuffle on a single fret then moving to another one. Then we get to the breakdown, which is really a blast.

At first. You've got these scales that go from orange to green which are great. Then, as it progressed, you do scales from green to blue, with every forth one skipping red and going to orange. This one repeats far too long for my taste, and I'm kinda ready for the song to end after it. It goes through one more verse and chorus, then the fun part of the breakdown at the very end.

Overall it's pretty fun, but by the end the repetition starts to get to you, so it's got its flaws. If nothing else, it's good shuffle practice?

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