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Released January 29, 2008 for Rock Band

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Genre: Prog
Album: Rush (1974)

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Working Man (Rocksmith)
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Excellent, but Vault Edition is better zyyzyyzyy
This song is very fun to play on drums. It has every bit of the same good stuff as the Vault Edition does. However, this song doesn't sound anywhere near as good as the Vault Edition and the drum chart feels a bit looser and is less accurate than WMVE. Regardless, it's still very fun to play, but if you had to pick one, pick the Vault Edition instead. Either way, both songs are excellent. The hard drum roll at the end is in this version too, except slightly slower and has some spaces in between.

Grade: A
Rate: 5/5
Difficulty: ⚪⚪⚪⚪⚫
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