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Released July 8, 2008 for Rock Band

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Genre: Prog
Album: Rush (1974)

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Among the best drum charts ever zyyzyyzyy
Working Man (Vault Edition) is among the most prestigious DLC that Harmonix has ever released. Many Rush songs are considered the best on drums, and this song is the best of those Rush songs. The drum chart is almost completely flawless, the beat is both fun to play and not too challenging. All of the fills are fun to play and doable for most drummers as well. Many new expert drummers will like this song because it's Rush and it's not hard to learn at all. Some of the better expert drum players will like this song just because it's fun and not that hard to GS. And the elite drum players will like it too because they're a a drum roll near the end of the song that only the best of the best drum players will be able to hit perfectly. There's even a BRE at the end of the song!

This song is just amazing on drums. This isn't just a great drum chart for a song, this is THE gold standard for a great drum chart for a song. There is very, very, very few songs on Rock Band that compares to this.

Grade: A+
Rate: 6/5 (Gold Stars)
Difficulty: ⚪⚪⚪⚪⚫
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One of Best Basses Out There Karmeleaux
Here's the bass during the first verse and chorus: tons of varying HO/PO scales, bass chords, tons of movement. This is while Geddy Lee is singing.

So after the first guitar solo, here's the bass: EVERYTHING. Period. It's a complete jam, and it as a blast. All sorts of various movements, tons of HO/POs scattered throughout, and bass chords show up here as well. It's amazing, and it's a good four minutes of the song.

You come back for another equally enjoyable verse and chorus, then slow down with some sustains for the last minute. This is admittedly a detractor, but honestly if it's unenjoyable because of that you probably need to grow some thicker skin. Recommended to everyone who's even thought about the letters B, A, and S twice.

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Alluminated Guy
Why do people purchase Rush songs?
Because it's Rush.

Why should everyone have this song on guitar?
Because it is Rush, and an amazing, fun song on the guitar.

This song gives you want you want, you want a challenge, you wanna have fun, you want 60's, 70's power chords, you want kick-ass solo's, you want RUSH!

Starting with the familiar intro, it may seem boring to start off with, but don't let down your guard, once the first solo comes, you'll be hooked.


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Good vocals, but way too much empty space for my liking. Edfan
Even though Neil Peart hadn't joined the band yet, Rush was making 6+ minute epics. Unfortunately, as many vocalists know, this usually translate to dead space.

The song is composed in the following way: Verse 1, Chorus, Verse 2, Chorus, Epic Rocking, More Epic Rocking, It's-Still-Going-On Rocking, The-Guitarist-Looks-Like-He's-Having-Fun Rocking, Verse 3, Final Chorus, and the Outro.

The verses and choruses actually have a decent amount of fun vocals, even though they are pretty congruent in terms of pitch. They have some tricky moving and have quite a lot of high notes.

Now, if this were the only part of the song, it would have deserved a 4 or 5. Unfortunately for you vocalists out there, you get treated to about three minutes of tambourine notes as Epic Rockings 1-4 goes on. Once you get out of that boring mic tapping, you get a familiar verse and chorus deal, with some more silence for your BRE outro.

Well, if it weren't for the middle section's annoying length, this would have gotten a strong 4 to a light five, but instead gets a firm 3 from me. The actual vocals are fun, but the lack of singing for well over half the song is off-turning.
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