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Released October 1, 2009 for Rock Band
Alice In Chains 01
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Genre: Grunge
Album: Dirt (1992)

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One of the better AiC songs for axe players. Caleb
This song is great, and one of the better ones for plastic shredders.
It's got a lot going on in the song.

The verses are mainly Chord sustains and hammer on chords, nothing special. The chorus is a bunch of fun chord alt strums with a hammer on chord thrown in for good measure.

Then comes the solo, not hard at all, but watch out for the trill at the start, if you are not expecting it, it will ruin a SR FC.

And the last chorus is some sustains, more melodic but way more easier than the previous ones.
The last part is the hardest.

You've got lots of alt strums, and gnarly chord switches that can mess you up. If you didn't screw up at the start of the solo, than you will here.

Overall, a nice guitar song that is not boring for once. Repetitive; yes, but not uninteresting. Keeps your fingers moving. And it's pretty short too.
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