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Released July 31, 2008 for Rock Band

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Genre: Pop-Rock
Album: You Are Here (2008)

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thenewno3star Karmeleaux
This song has a few decent parts, but nothing outstanding.

The verse rhythm is focused on sustains, but at least they're strummed at different points and move around the fretboard to offer some engagement. It's never a bad experience and isn't used enough to really grate, but it's nothing special on its own.

The chorus is actually fairly noteworthy, it's at least the part I find most fun. It's actually pretty simple too, the main part of is a short red sustain followed by a Gr Gr fill into the next red sustain. Sometimes the second part of that fill changes to Gy or Yr. It's simple, but fun to get into.

Finally, the bridge, which is mostly sustains, though it moves around the fretboard and many of them have a HO/PO or really small fill leading in. There's a good amount of variation in the feel of this, but it's countered by the fact it's sustain-focused.

Then the chorus comes back for the guitar(???) solo. So we've got a bridge with some fun stuff between sustains, a simple but fun chorus, and a verse that's unremarkable in most senses of the word. Sounds average enough.

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