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Released April 24, 2008 for Rock Band
Screaming for Vengeance
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Genre: Metal
Album: Screaming For Vengeance (1982)

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For once, the updated RB3 tiers got it right Edfan
This song personally came as a shock to me when I saw its tiers. After all, I'd expect more arm twisting from the makers of Painkiller, but a tier 0 song? For a metal song?! What is this madness?!

Well, it turns out it's a bit more challenging than what I was expecting.

The guitar starts off with a really basic metal riff that contains chords, single notes, and sustains. It's pretty slow, so it's easy to hit and fairly uninteresting. Get used to it, as this goes on for the intro and verses, then you get to the chorus which is made entirely of chord sustains, then returns to the previous riff as it goes into the next verse. Repeat.

After the 2nd chorus, you get more sustains, then finally a guitar solo. This is where the tier's deceptiveness comes in. There's plenty of HO-PO movement, but some are extremely tight together and tricky to nail, especially the last part where you must quickly nail a chain of Y-B-O. Then, you return to the riff for the verse, and go to chord sustains for the rest of the song.

So, what do I think? While this song is easily my favorite Judas Priest song, the guitar falls flat in terms of fun. The riff has some nice movement, but since it's the only pattern aside from chord sustains and the solo, the repetition kills it. The solo is strong, but it's basically the only real fun you'll get out of the song, and it CAN fail you out pretty quickly if you're unprepared. That's right, a tier 0 song that will fail you.

However, if you know the lyrics, this is a pretty fun song to voxtar, since the only tough part doesn't have any singing.

Also, congratulations updated RB3 tiers, you corrected at least 1 tier out of the +1500 pre-RB3 songs right.
02.17.13 9:26pm 2 Replies | Reply +3 Relevance
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