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Released July 16, 2009 for Rock Band
Big Dipper 01
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Genre: Indie Rock
Album: Supercluster: The Big Dipper Anthology (1987)

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Good Bit of Variety for an Easy Song Gigakoops
I find this the highlight of the Big Dipper pack, both instrumentally and musically.

The song starts with a mix of power chords rooted on green and green notes, with varying amounts of strumming, before incorporating bigger chords and fill riffs that take you around the neck, and vary a tiny bit each time. The first chorus is shorter than the rest, and has a riff that has you starting at orange, then transferring to different adjacent notes down the neck. Between each chorus and verse is a HOPO chain that happens sporadically and has you sliding down the neck.

One more verse and a longer chorus later we have the third verse, which plays a bit differently because between each note fill you alternate between the red and green notes at eighth note intervals. This brings a bit more variety to the chart, and is a welcome change. After an extended chorus we have the outro riff, which has you transferring between power chords with double-strum root notes.

Overall, this is a surprisingly fun one on guitar, and I recommend it, along with the pack, since the songs aren't that bad.
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