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Released July 15, 2008 for Rock Band
Best of The Who
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Genre: Classic Rock
Album: Live at Leeds (1970)

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One of the Most Engaging Basslines Out There Karmeleaux
If you've been lucky enough to find my reviews in the chronology they've been written, you've probably read time and time again that I think John Entwistle is great at making engaging bass parts during jams. Three-dots on bass is an underestimate in my opinion.

Well, this entire song is almost a jam. The intro scales are pretty fun to me, but in the style of many songs there's no bass during the talking. But you're only through two verses, with scales during the instrumental breaks before you get into the jam for the rest of the song.

And when I say jam, I mean jam. And when I say scale, I mean dude is seriously going all over the place. It's just consistently moving and consistently changing and it's one ride after another. I have trouble describing Entwistle's jams, but I think I can do this one: spectactular. Yeah, that's pretty much it. The most disappointing part to me is when the song ends.

If you like energetic basses with tons of movements, this is a song that can do you no wrong. This also gets some bonus points from me for being the only live Who bass you can entirely upstrum. It's pretty killer though either way, so watch out.

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This song is tons of fun, and this one adds a nice bluesy feel to the game, another genre of rock that this game was missing, and will be played over and over again at my Rock Band parties, but I'm not so sure I'm going to be looking for this one once I get another great pack, or Rock Band 2, whichever comes first. Dont get me wrong, its still tons of fun solo, but it also lacks the feeling of band togetherness, which this song provides a TON of, which is another part of the Bluesy feel that makes it so unique. This is a must buy for bands, but solos players should check out the chart first.

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One of the most tiring songs yet nascarfan19
The song was nearly impossible to get through without my arms falling off. There was a lot of Green/Red notes. It was fun at the beginning, when you had the first red drum fill. After that, it just made me tired. Buy at your own risk!
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More tiring than fun. non_zero
I very rarely have the energy or willingness to finish this song. The song overstays its welcome after like five minutes of seemingly random patterns and ridiculous fills. It seems like Keith Moon was mostly just banging the hell out of the drums.

I know people think the Who is sacred, and most of Keith Moon's drumming is fun, but this song isn't fun at all, it's just hard as balls and exhausting.

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