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Released May 29, 2008 for Rock Band
The Cars
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Genre: New Wave
Album: The Cars (1978)

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Unpopular Opinion? dxdg
I was once told that a good golf course should look difficult, but not test the average player too heavily. This song follows that mantra. The main tom beat is not fundamentally different from the average hi-hat beat. It's actually almost identical to what would otherwise be played on a cymbal. But because it looks different, it FEELS different. It feels solid and powerful. YOU feel powerful. The tom fills following the hi-hat portions look daunting to a lower-intermediate player, but with enough vigilance, they slide off the sticks with ease, and they feel great.

This song doesn't have an awfully high rating overall, and maybe I'm the only one, but it was fun throughout. I ended the song grinning because it just felt right.
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