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Released December 6, 2011 for Rock Band
Queen Extravaganza 02
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Genre: Classic Rock
Album: A Night at the Opera (1975)

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Empty space until the fantastic solo Madotsuki
I had alot of trouble deciding whether this should be a 2/5 or a 3/5.
And I'll tell ya why.
You're not really playing anything for most of this song, so you're justing waiting for awhile, that is, until the solo begins, which is a hell of alot of fun, and definitely bumps this song up to a 2/5 on its own. After the solo theres mostly only sustains and some single-notes for the rest of the song.
So, overall, theres just all empty space until the incredible solo, and then after that theres nothing really special besides sustains and single-notes, but at least you're playing, unlike the empty space from the first half of the song.
I'm giving this a 3/5 for a great solo and a more active chart later on.
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