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Good morning/evening and welcome to my humble profile. I am a multi-instrumentalist that is mostly skilled with the plastic Guitar/Bass and Drums, but I am getting better and better on Vocals as well. I play mostly RB3, even though I won't say no to playing most other RB and GH games.

Altrough my favorite music is mostly Death/Progressive/Black/Trash/Classic/Nu/Industrial/Noise-Metal, I am also a big fan of Punk, Rock, Classic Rock, Alternative Rock, Experimental, Blues and Grunge, and as of recently I have started being more found of Pop, Electronic and New Wave. Well, not alot of modern Pop or Electronic though, I can't stand most modern mainstream music.

I am happy to play with people of all skill levels, so if you ever wanna jam just send me a friend request on PSN.

-Albums that should be in Rock Band but isn't-
"Enter The Chicken" by Buckethead & Friends
"Paranoid" by Black Sabbath
"Arise" by Sepultura
"Absolution" by Muse
"Antichrist Superstar" by Marilyn Manson
"Are You Dead Yet?" by Children of Bodom
Any album by Dream Theater
"Dethalbum" by Dethklok
MLP:FiM soundtrack
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You're missing 3 free songs.
Dead Player - Eh, I can't stand Headphones and Promised Land musically so I skipped them. Also I forgot to add the RBN Megamix, so thanks for the reminder.
10.11.11 6:19 pm
Well thank you.
They're coming along. I have one song in Peer Review (though it's been there forever) and some more in Playtesting. I'm almost done with the album.
Dead Player - Well that is awesome! Looking forward to them!
10.10.11 7:19 pm
Look Here.
Dead Player - Okay, I am looking here, what is it you want to show me?
10.05.11 4:56 pm
Dangisuckatgamin - This bowl.. It has salad and brains.
10.05.11 5:08 pm
Dead Player - Really? You are sending me death threats for asking you kindly to stop rating songs based on bias?
10.05.11 5:10 pm
Dangisuckatgamin - Nah.
Not towards you.
Halloween silly :D

10.05.11 5:12 pm
Dead Player - Oh, well that is a relief. But isn't Halloween in like a month?
10.05.11 5:16 pm
Dangisuckatgamin - 26 days!!!!!!!!! I'm pumped! :D
Even though i'll have to work :(

10.05.11 5:18 pm
Dead Player - What is so great about Halloween anyways?
10.05.11 5:34 pm
No problem bro, anything for you
You mentioned that you used to play WoW... so when I saw this I immediately thought of you. ;D
Dead Player - If I still played I would have been all over that addon hehe
10.04.11 9:35 am
Do you know any good drummer and vocalist on PSN? I wanna try to FBFC Be Careful what you wish for by Memphis May Fire :) Me on Guitar, you on bass or the opposite

Raptor Jesus says Hi
Dead Player - Why hello there Rapture Jesus, is there anything I can do for you oh mighty lord of odd novelty songs?
08.30.11 11:07 am
I can't really play drums here because my roommates are dicks, but I can play bass or even legacy keys.
Damn, I have no idea, I play at different times a lot, if you are on from 6 pm till 11pm then that would mean I have to be up from 11am until 4pm, which I could manage if I could do on certain days, say a wednesday or thursday, but not on any other days.
Dead Player - Hmm I see. Well the new DLC get released on Wedensday evenings over here so it might be a good opertunity for us to try and get some FB action if it works out for Murakaz aswell etc. etc.

I can also play guitar 3 hours extra as earlier stated so that might work out sometimes.

07.09.11 10:17 pm
lol, that was epic!
Sir, I like you, this is a rare opportunity, buy 1 Jin now and get a Quina for free!
We need MOAR Dream theater
well DP, i too like listening to the metal songs on rb. soon i am hoping to get more dlc metal
just wanted to say hey, i am into metal of all kinds: i don't have much dlc yet, got sum metal dlc, and goona add more next month..u live in metal country
Hey dude! la oss jam en dag! ;DD Ikke så mange nordmenn hær, skulle vært kult :D Send mæ en friendinvite på PSN vess du vil ;)
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Dead Player has no songs in this category.