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Age: 13
Gender: Male
Location: Greeley, CO, United States
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Rock Band (Wii): 13 songs, 0 in common.
        Imports: 3 songs, 0 in common

Guitar Hero (Wii): 25 songs, 0 in common.
LEGO Rock Band
Guitar Hero: Van Halen

Rock Band 2
Guitar Hero 5
Guitar Hero: World Tour
Rock Band 1
Guitar Hero: Smash Hits
Guitar Hero: Metallica
Guitar Hero: Aerosmith
Guitar Hero 3
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Status u wanna talk? add me on facebook and put DLC in message Avery Hitchcock
PSN ID davhitch
Wii Friend Codes Wii Console/Guitar Hero 5-

Top ones I play most often-

Rock Band 2 - 1189-0310-1539

Mario Kart Wii- 2707-5199-4872

Guitar Hero Smash Hits- 4340-0277-5048

Guitar Hero World Tour- 5112-7055-7238

Guitar Hero III- 5156-0692-9836

Guitar Hero Metallica- 4941-1428-0150

Guitar Hero Aerosmith- 2922-6860-5199

Most likely you will never see me on Guitar Hero Aerosmith or Guitar Hero Metallica but, I play them sometimes! Also, if you wonder if I have a game not listed on here, it never hurts to ask! =)
I play expert on everything on every instrument...but don't do well on 1 or 2 songs on vocals (Painkiller, Rob the Prez-O-Dent...Struggle with expert drums on Visions....shamefully struggle on guitar on Snow ((Hey Oh)) but overall I am one of the best out there...I have legendary status on guitar and bass (expert guitar on my own ) and legendary status on drums 4 ps3 (vinyl cuz my dad was on medium...i play expert)...if you are on the ps3 then you need to contact me on my other profile legend101...i am on ps3 every sunday and wii pretty much every other day...if I am not on I will be doing one of these things:
1) Homework
2) Mario Kart Wii
3) Guitar Hero (assorted)
4) Chores
so if you wanna play, I'm pretty flexible...i'll play bass if I have to...but not if the song is too boring! i'll get my friend codes listed so that you don't have to check my rock band profile anymore...just let me know if you add me and what games you add me on...thanks!
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How come XBoxs are so popular now? you have to buy a new one after 9 months when it breaks? Nothing has gone wrong with my wii or my dad's ps3! nothing!
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