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"Paradise by the Dashboard Light" by Meat Loaf. Downloadable content for Rock Band 3.

This is only meant to show the charts. THIS IS NOT MEANT TO SHOW SKILL.

Joe Cammisa on expert guitar

Splync on expert drums

Interesting pack, 2 epic songs, a song I never thought would be in Rock Band and some boring stuff. Vocalists get to party hard.

GOTDAMN this song was a clusterfuck on keys. When I heard this song got leaked by a former employee of HMX, I was hoping it was apart of a Meat Loaf pack, so they could also release "Kickapoo" and "Hot Patootie." Oh well, this shall suffice.
Posted February 11, 2011 12:00 AM
Paradise by the Dashboard Light - Meat Loaf - Rock Band 3 - Expert Guitar/Keys/Drums
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