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This song was requested a very long time ago by TidusOfSH, I think it was even back before he started his own vocal career. He has since become an awesome vocalist in his own right, but he continues to be one of the most supportive members of the rhythm game community. I think everyone who knows him would agree that they feel honored to be his friend. :) So I hope you have a wonderful birthday, Tidus!

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This song is a bit awkward to sing at times because of a few funny pitches. I think it's charted accurately, but the original singer actually sings a bit sharp or flat at times, so as the player, we must match him.

Questions answered in this video:

(1) Your RB2 vocal FC videos helped a lot of people to achieve FCs on many difficult songs, myself included. Do you think you could do some more videos from other games like GH5?

(2) If you could pick just one song to be released as DLC, what would it be?

(3) If you could choose any bands you'd like to be featured in band-centric games by Harmonix, which would they be?

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Song: She Sells Sanctuary
Artist: The Cult
Game: Rock Band DLC (played in Rock Band 2)
Mode: Expert Vocals
Platform: XBox 360


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Posted May 9, 2010 12:00 AM
She Sells Sanctuary (Rock Band 2) expert vocals 100% FC (TEAM CENA) - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIDUS!
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