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February 16, 2012

While everyone was getting excited for Rick Astley, I couldn't wait to record this song. This song was one of Mr Geek's requests from his contribution to my marathon fundraiser for Child's Play. It was in Lips Party Classics and given the subject matter, I was planning to record it for him for Valentine's Day, so imagine my surprise when it was announced as one of the songs that would be in the Gold Star My Heart Pack to be released on Valentine's Day! So I decided to wait for the Rock Band version so I could try to do the harmonies of this song justice.

This video is a combination of FIVE different runs through the song. Normally I'd do only three (Lead, Harmony 1, and Harmony 2) but I was dissatisfied with the result with only 3 tracks. The background vocals for this song have such a sweet sing-along feel - it's really the whole band joining in - and having only 2 tracks in the background just felt empty. So I did double takes for each of the harmony parts to make it sound like there were 4 background singers rather than 2, and I think it sounds WAY better this way. The lead part was recorded in Harmonies Quickplay. The harmony parts were recorded by isolating the individual harmonies in practice mode (Expert Difficulty). The audio and video from all 5 runs were combined to make the final result you see here.

Song: To Be With You
Artist: Mr. Big
Game: Rock Band 3 DLC
Mode: Expert Vocals (Harmonies Quickplay for Lead, Practice Mode for Harmonies)
Platform: XBox 360

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Posted February 16, 2012 12:00 AM
Comedown by Bush (Rock Band 3) expert vocals + harmonies 100% FC (TEAM CENA)
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