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April 14, 2012

DOUBLE EDIT: The fixed version is now in the store and available for purchase. Download link:

EDIT: The song has been removed the store and I was given a new MSP code to download the fixed version. The fixed version is not up yet. No word on when that will be. I would suggest contacting ASP to see if they will issue an MSP code to you.

So, I bought this earlier today. It is actually in the store when it clearly should not be. ASP (the authoring company who charted this) should remove it right away and probably issue a refund of some sort. This is unacceptable and makes a service and game I care about look amateurish.

As you can see the pitches are off and the vocal tubes are far too long. It's quite obvious that no testers sang this and furthermore the fact that this was released by a company who has contributed over 100 songs for the RBN is inexcusable.

I would suggest that no one buy this until it's is fixed and re-uploaded.

If you did buy this like me here are a couple of threads on the Rock Band forums here you can voice your displeasure.
Posted April 14, 2012 8:35 PM
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