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December 7, 2017

It was first in Rock Revolution (one of only two master tracks), then it was released through Band Hero, later it was released through Rock Band Network (author RockGamer Studios).
Guitar Hero uses the most chords, and the main riff is arguably the most awkward of the 3 versions (0:28). The 3-note chord section near the end is actually used in such a way that would be appropriate according to Rock Band's 3-note chord "rules", however the Rock Band version does not use 3-note chords in this section for some reason. (2:31) Guitar Hero also charted some stuff that is very hard to hear in the original mix, and some section are even hard to hear in the GH mix. (1:36)
Rock Revolution mostly avoids chords except for the obvious ones, and oddly uses them in the prechorus where the other two versions don't (0:56). It's the easiest of the three.
Rock Band's chart is the only version to chart the intro chord (I wonder why?)
Interesting difference between the three, the sustains in the bridge vary greatly in the length. The GH version has the shortest sustain in the area, RB's is slightly longer, and RR's is really really long. (1:18)
I prefer the Rock Band, how about you?
Rock Band -
Rock Revolution -
Guitar Hero:
Posted December 7, 2017 6:46 AM
Chart Wars - Finger Eleven "Paralyzer"
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