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"Y.W.S.M.", released as a DLC single for TB:RB on 12/15/2009 as part of the "R.S." full album download, and played by S1ckH4nds in TB:RB for Xbox 360 on Expert Bass in Local Solo Quickplay mode on 12/15/2009.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a high score run, and was simply done in order to show the bass chart for consumers interested in purchasing this downloadable content to expand their TB:RB experience. If you feel the need to comment on any perceived substandard performance, please don't bother. This run was done as a sightread with no prior knowledge of the bass chart. Final score was 119,222 with a 618 note streak and 100% of notes hit as a full combo for five gold stars.

TB:RB tracks released on 12/15 (12/17 for PS3) --
"R.S." full album download (1440 MSP / $17.99, or 160 MSP / 200 Wii Points / $1.99 per track)
- "N.W. (T.B.H.F.)"
- "Y.W.S.M."
- "N.M."
- "T.F.Y."
- "T.W."
- "M."
- "W.G.O."
- "G."
- "I.M.L."
- "W."
- "R.F.Y.L."

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Posted December 14, 2009 7:00 PM
TB:RB: "Y.W.S.M.", Expert Bass SR, FC/5G*, 119222
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