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August 5, 2009
This video has been backed up.

me on guitar on left

my friend on hard bass on right

Easy song. Kinda fun though.

What guitar do you use?

The Xplorer that you got with Guitar hero 2. All my wireless ones suck, and have broken, so I went back to the xplorer, and it's been working for a while. I currently have 2

What drumset do you use?

I use the stock Rock Band 2 Drumset with the stock pedal

What does FC mean?

Full combo. 100%, no overstrums.

What camera do you use?

Sony Cybershot 6 megapixel. Got it for only about $70 on ebay.

What kind of sweet, awesome motorcycle do you have?

2008 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R Special edition. If you want to see the bike, search for it in my videos, I have a video of it.

---------------------------------------- -------
Cool People - He has been my rival for a long time now haha. He is good at the guitar, and better than me at drums. And he uses a capture card so if you dont like it from a camera like me, it wont be a problem - Great guitar hero/rock band player on guitar and drums. Impressive FC's. Check him out - Pushy little punk who COMMANDED me to put his name Either way, hes a good guitarist and great drummer. Better than me at both by far. - Semi-cool guy haha. jk, he's cool. Pretty good at this game. We are almost even, hes better than me though. - Don't know much about him lol, but he asked me to link him, so I did. - Don't know much about him, but he asked me to link him, so I did. - GREAT player. Best I know. FCed raining blood. Go sub him. now. - Really good guitarist at music games. Way better than me. Great fc's like free bird.
Posted August 5, 2009 8:00 PM
Rock Band 2 Deep Co op Sightread
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